Time For Launch

"The only things in life that you regret are the risks that you didn't take."

To this day, the wisdom of the movie Grumpy Old Men stays with me. And it was with that sage advice in mind that I committed several years back to finishing The Dawn Cluster, an opus I first began back in 1999. Designed as a love letter to all the treasures Sci-Fi/Fantasy has given me, it also stands as a testament to setting goals. As a father, I am increasingly becoming cognizant of how important it is for me to set a better example for my kids than I have. One day, when they're struggling with direction, anxious about making mistakes and losing their way, I want to be able to show them that it is possible to attain their goals if they commit and work hard. And I may play a clip or two of George and Marty McFly having similar conversations.

I'll look back on today, June 26th 2018, as the day I could, without an excuse, finally say these words: "I'm a writer."

A writer of what? Adventure. Tragedy. Intrigue. Revenge. Horror. Fortitude. Suspense. Hope. I leave that to you to decide. Enter The Dawn Cluster and follow along as Terik Donato, Garett Soness and Melina Beetary begin their journeys. I hope you love those journeys as much as I did!

The first in a three book cycle, The Dawn Cluster I: Detriment is now available as an e-book through your favorite digital storefronts! Amazon KindleApple iBooks and Nook from Barnes and Noble.

And if you enjoy Detriment, then make plans for August - because Book 2 is coming!


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