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Wrapping An Anniversary Box

Summertime is upon us. Patriotic themed beverages and snacks are on sale, amusement park commercials are being broadcast, and summer movie season is well underway. This means two things - first, it means that back to school supplies will be found in your neighborhood Wal Mart in about four days, and second, it means we're approaching June 26th, the day when my first book went on sale. But The Dawn Cluster's been apart of me for, as of next month, 20 years!

It was 1999, while working in the video department of Phar Mor, when I scribbled the first draft of the first chapter into a 100 page compostion notebook. Originally titled 'The First Clash - Part 1', this beginning of a cosmic tale would become a creative driving force that would help me through college, the start of my adult life and well into parenthood. Now, it's out there for all of you, hopefully entertaining and thrilling you, but after a year, I should do something to mark the occasion, right?


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