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Labor (of Love) Day

I pushed myself a bit this summer. Why? Well, a voice in the back of my mind had been screaming ‘You’ve been writing this thing for 19 years! It’s time to finish it!’ So, perhaps against better judgement, I decided upon a roller coaster schedule of book releases, with a goal of having THE DAWN CLUSTER in its entirety available in 2018. But with any new venture, there were unforeseen circumstances, and I didn’t anticipate encountering the issues with the paperback formatting I had. So this meant that when I should have been focusing my attention on promoting DUPLICITY I was still trying to make good on DETRIMENT. Thus, two weeks after Book 2 dropped, I’ve accumulated several great announcements!
First up, The Dawn Cluster II: Duplicity is now available to purchase and download on Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo / Walmart eBooks! Join Terik and Melina as they venture into uncharted space, risk their alliances and test each other’s trust...
Next up, The Dawn Cluster had come to Googl…

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