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Daylight Wasting Time

A ticking clock has been silenced. An unrelenting urge to see a goal to completion on a tight timeline has been quenched. The Dawn Cluster III: Destiny is out. And now, finally, I can breathe...
We allow ourselves to operate on autopilot more often now than we should. Seriously. We all do. I shut my brain off as often as possible with the arrogant belief that A) I’m reserving that mind power for something more important and B) I can squeeze more in if I don’t fuss with details on simple, everyday things. But we become complacent and then we relinquish control of our fates.
Too deep? Too pretentious? Too late at night?
Tonight we switch the clocks back. Opportunity to catch up on sleep, or sneak in extra fun. A chance at a new start even.
An hour back, an hour forward. An ebook done, a paperback to go. A series complete, a career to begin. For every accomplishment, another challenge awaits. I’m so very tempted to rest on my laurels, to take pride in getting this far and just take her …

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